Have you ever wished that you could really show your child what life was like in the Middle Ages, during the American West or during World War II? Well, there is a way!

Learning With the Movies, is an effort to serve the home schooling community and any families who wish to “learn with the movies;” to make learning come alive through the use of drama and film.

Beth Holland is a former actress and singer, holding degrees in Voice Performance, Acting and later, a faculty member in the Department of Drama and Theatre at her alma mater, the University of Georgia. Because of reoccurring illnesses which interfered with her performing, she discovered the power of whole grains for health. The fabulous taste was an unexpected bonus!

There is no doubt that Hollywood has certain biases which are portrayed in film. However, there are films that are worthwhile to view which can offer us a way to look into the life and times of historical figures and events. Though not always successful, Hollywood takes great pains to make a film accurate in every possible detail. In a historic film, the clothing, customs, manners, weapons, table implements, jewelry, travel, etc., will be as historically accurate as they can make it. Therefore, Beth has used film as a culmination to many a study. This allows her children to SEE the period/person/scientific discovery about which they have studied as accurately as possible in the present time in which we live.

It is her hope that this will be a great service to the home schooling community [to any families out there who want to “learn with the movies”] and that you and your family will enjoy seeing history, science, music, art, biographies, etc., come alive. This is not a license to just view movies for school, but a beneficial tool to pull it all together in a fun, family way. She has included some good, clean family movies as well as those for "academic" reasons. It is her desire to make her family the place her children want to be and wish to bring their friends. Therefore, on occasion, they have a "family night" of movie, popcorn, spend the night guests and fun. Hopefully, these will aid you to have some family nights of your own.

For years, the Christian community scorned the use of visual media. Then, they discovered the power of it and began producing Christian television, and films like the Jesus film which has been used by Campus Crusade for Christ to bring thousands to salvation, including entire villages and tribes. In the same vein, Beth hopes this will be a new way to make education real, enjoyable, and memorable to your children. We all know the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Beth hopes these pictures will make the subject matter you are studying real and alive to your children, even if it's as far back as the beginning of time!

Contents of the Book
The categories LWtM covers are: Bible Times; Ancient Egypt; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Mayans; Vikings; Middle Ages; Renaissance; Reformation; 1600s; 1700s: America, Europe; 1800s: West, East, Europe, World, Civil War; 1900s (General), World, World War I, World War II: South Pacific, Europe, Other Theatres of War, The Home Front; Korean War; Vietnam; Music/Arts; Biographies; Family Films; Sports; Science/Nature; Horses; Medicine; Literature; Holidays.

“...a tool you will simply drool over!” Mary Pride

“...will spare you endless hours of wading through hundreds of reviews in search of the particular topic you are studying….save yourself time, money and grief by investing in Learning With the Movies .” Timberdoodle Company

“I appreciate the author's objections, which keeps a negative surprise from coming on your screen unawares. She even notes well-known historical movies that she recommends you don't view! A unique and useful book…” Love to Learn

“…a remarkable resource for families, including her personal reviews on scores of topics categorized both by time frame and by subject matter. You'll save yourself hours of research, and have a trustworthy source at your fingertips for selecting movies that teach and inspire.” Christian Book Distributors (CBD)

Learning With the Movies is an exceptionally informative and concise guide for using movies as a supplementary educational tool. Categorization and cross referencing make it user-friendly, and the printed format is easy to read with plenty of space to make notes. Annotations are brief and descriptive without unnecessary detail or giving away the story. In my opinion, the greatest strength of the book is Holland 's insight into the quality of a film, not only for its content and educational relevance but the work's integration of music, dance, costuming and visual effects that enhance the movie's appeal and application. Although this book is clearly an ideal tool for home schoolers, this is an outstanding resource for anyone seeking to utilize film media for instructional purposes.” Dr. Stephanie Tingler
Associate Professor, School of Music, University of Georgia

“Beth Holland has provided an extensive listing of motion picture reviews that will assist any movie viewer in selecting a motion picture for its desired purpose. The cataloguing by topic and each brief movie description and rating will assist the reader in finding quickly the motion picture he or she wishes to see. Beth has made the visual experience of learning accessible through the inclusion of many excellent motion picture titles and Christian parents and the home schooling community will find her guide a valuable asset in their home library.” Al Pleysier Ph.D., Professor of History, Piedmont College

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE your book about the movies! My boys (ages 12 & 13) and I are currently studying early American history and with the help of your book I'm able to find good movies to aid our studies...

Fortunately for us, a friend recently told me about the Turner Classic Movies channe. I've been able to record a lot of movies from them (NO commercials either); I wan't tell you how many tapes I've filled! Also, a few movies I've rented from Clean Films, I've been able to let my boys watch. Their selection is quite large now. All your advice is so helpful.

I'm so grateful to have a book like this written from a Christian perspective. I encourage my home schooling friends to buy "Learning With The Movies," it's a great resource. I can't wait to watch every recommended movie in it!!! God Bless You, C. V. D. homeschooling mother

“I especially appreciate knowing what to avoid, as there are far too many "surprises" in the video store.” D. H., homeschooling mother

“SO helpful in choosing a child safe and educational movie!” B.K., father

Learning With the Movies is unique!  If you want to make history come alive for your child then this is a must have. Instead of just reading about the Civil War use this book to find age appropriate movies about that time period. The detailed description will help you decide which movies are right for your child thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises. I highly recommend this book! B.D., home schooling mother

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